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Thank you for taking your time to get to know me and my skincare brand. My name is Minji Kim and a I am a pharmacist / CEO of TO DO LIST. I decided to start this brand to help decrease your stress of finding products that wouldn’t sensitize your skin.

I wanted to create a brand that is result-driven and guaranteed to …

Flood of information about the world of skincare. We believe less is more…

Having suffered psoriasis myself, I always struggled with finding products that would soothe my skin. The slightest hiccup can flare my skin so I always need to make sure that the products that I use are suitable for sensitive skin.

I decided to start this brand to make sure I can provide products that I know are suitable for sensitive skin… I’m always going to take part of the formulation of the products…

TO DO LIST is different … we’ll always be transparent about our practices, our formulas, and our ingredients. Our products will always be tested by dermatologist and other specialists if need be to ensure safety and results. We’re excited to take this journey with you!

Minji Kim, Pharm. D